Project Leadership/Simulation Workshop

Real Life Project Scenario

Facilitator-Lead and Reality-Based

  • Participants work through a “real” project, including all events and influences that occur in all projects – client changing requirements, staff skill sets, team issues, personality conflict, resource constraints, technical decisions and more
  • The simulator is a practical application of project leadership and management techniques and tools which allow participant to understand consequences of actions and decisions within a complex system of a project – focus on the human side.

Cost: $495 per participant (groups of 3 or more from one organization will receive a discounted group rate).

The participant will learn and practice project leadership skills through use of a hands-on simulation working within a team. This approach yields a comprehensive learning experience. The tool simulates the reality of working as a project leader in a true project environment and challenges the participant to apply the concepts of leadership.

“Excellent training, the instructor was obviously an expert in project leadership and the simulation based training provided many opportunities to practice managing a project with all aspects from the product through the effective leadership of people! Highly recommended.”

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