Customized Workshops/Training

Design, Customize, Deliver

EPM has designed, customized and delivered project management training to many clients leveraging the off-the-shelf material to build and integrate components of the clients business to increase the learning value for the participants. This has been accomplished by including client business practices, templates and tools; using a real project to run through the course material and provide initial tangible project deliverables; or by creating case studies that reflect the nature of projects being managed in the organization.

The feedback we have received from using these approaches in our courses has been excellent. The participants learn more by doing something that is familiar to them and they also have a head start on the project set up of objectives, stakeholder management plan, risk management plans and communications plans when using a “real life” project vs. a standardized case study and exercises.


In order to determine the best options for the Client, our approach to Development/Customization follows the process below:

  • Meet the Client staff to determine requirements/issues/needs
  • Make recommendations to the client
  • Customization of courses/ workshops:
    • Identify learning objectives
    • Identify and agree on topics to support objectives
    • Draft course/workshop overview
    • Agree on overview
    • Draft the material (either content or case study/exercises)
    • Review to ensure requirements meet expectations
    • Approve edits/changes
    • Final updates – content, exercises, case study, tools, processes
    • Material production, branding if required
    • Schedule event – implementation timelines will be agreed to between the Client and EPM
    • Conduct evaluation of sessions and provide back to the client for all sessions or classes
    • Meet with client to define any fine tuning or incorporate feedback from sessions for future sessions

Enterprise Project Management conducts evaluations for every course or workshop and provides the feedback to the client upon completion of the event. To keep design and development costs to a minimum we often recommend using the EPM existing course content from our off-the-shelf courses as a starting point. As noted above with some minor revisions we have had excellent results with participants taking away valuable knowledge and skills to apply on the job.

In order to provide a Client look and feel to the course material, EPM can include client-specific logos, materials, processes and templates to the program material. It is our experience that by providing this organizational content the programs become more relevant and applicable to the participants. This may include customized case studies.

All of our course content has an emphasis on practical skills, knowledge and tools which can be applied immediately to day to day roles within an organization and includes discussions, interactions and practical exercises to work through the project management processes in a logical fashion which allows participants to experience learning that is relevant to the work they perform and engages them to apply the learning on the job.

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